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My name is Jan Martin Persch. I am a software developer focused on object-oriented programming languages, such as Kotlin and Java. During my apprenticeship as an IT specialist in the early 2000s, I realized my passion for software development. During my computer science studies, I’ve focused on object-oriented programming languages and on the development of parsers using regular expressions. As part of my work as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer IEM and as a PhD student at the Paderborn University, I’m concerned with static analysis of program code in order to find security-critical vulnerabilities.

In my spare time, I’m developing the Stardust library for several years that is used as base of my other software projects. It’s written in Kotlin, which is probably the best programming language out there.

Apart from my programming activities, I’ve found great interest in watching American football. For people, who don’t know the game, it might look very rough, but in fact, it’s a highly tactical game — like chess on green grass. The highlight of a football season is the Super Bowl, where the winners of the two conferences compete for the championship. When the season is over, I can hardly wait for the beginning of the next one. 😊

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